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Still Alive

Hello again, it’s been a while since the last blog post and a number of people have since asked me about progress updates. In previous posts I’ve mentioned that development had been hampered by personal health issues a number of times. Unfortunately, things got significantly worse after that and I had to go into an…
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Doing their part

Welcome back to the next part in our series on faction lore. Last time we talked about the techno-cultists who sided with the AI. Today we’re looking on the other side of the fence, at the planet’s governmental forces. The Planetary Defense Force (PDF) was the colony’s standing military force. Their original task was to…
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Something in your bionic teeth

Hello again, today, we have a bit of a lore update for you guys. We’ve had a poll on our Discord recently where we asked you guys what aspect of the game you want to see expanded and apparently you’re interested in hearing more about the “techno-cultist” faction. But who are these people actually? What…
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AI and you

Hello again, today you’re going to help us lay the foundation for AoA’s survivor and enemy AI, but more on that in a moment. AI is one of those oft-neglected, yet vitally important aspects of video games. Making smart AI that can challenge the player is hard and too often developers skimp out on it…
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ECS and you

Hello again, with the first Early Access release for our patrons in the works, I figure it’s time we talked about some actual numbers. These aren’t as eye-catching as flashy screens but I promise this update will have at least one screen of our ongoing work (which may or may not be flashy). So what…
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State of the game 2020

Hey everyone, as some of you have been asking for a new blog post I figure it’s about time to give you a status update on Ascent of Ashes. We’ve been a bit quiet lately due to some health issues eating into my available time. In order to deal with this I decided to cut…
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A number of people have asked me to describe what the gameplay for Ascent of Ashes will look like. So I figured I’d demonstrate using screenshots taken from the current tech demo. Disclaimer: Since this is only a tech demo, it is in no way representative of the quality of the finished product. Graphics and…
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Where we stand

Hi again. Since the site and Patreon launch are done now I figure it’s time we talked about the nitty-gritty of this project. That is, we’re going to talk about where the project is now and what our plans are for the immediate future. State of the project As some of you may know this…
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Hi! Welcome to our site. We’ll be publishing information on our upcoming game “Ascent of Ashes” here. Aside from a monthly dev blog on what we’ve been up to, we’re planning to eventually add other community platforms like a forum, official Discord channel, etc. so make sure to check back!