Shake on it

Shake on it

Hey guys,

we’ve got some good news for both the game and Vivid Storm as a company. As you know, developing a game is a full-time job, one that’s been made possible thanks to your support during our Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately there is more to game dev than just making a great game. You also need to make sure enough people find out about you to make it sustainable.

One thing we learned from the Kickstarter is just how much time and effort can be required to properly market a game. This isn’t helped by the fact that our team’s experience is in development, not sales. That’s why we’re happy to announce our new partnership with Camlann Games, who will help us get Ascent of Ashes out to as many players as possible.

Now I know some of you will have concerns about a publisher. We all know the horror stories. That’s why before signing up we made sure who we’re working with will do the game justice, and that we will keep creative control over the project. This partnership allows us to focus on making the best game we can, while Camlann gets it out into the world.

Until next time, stay safe and keep surviving.