Surviving in Style

Surviving in Style

Hey guys, it’s time for another dev update!

As you recall, last time I mentioned that we were working on integrating the latest Unity update into our engine. That’s done and out of the way now. As part of the update we also decided to upgrade our human animation rig, since the Kickstarter revealed a number of issues.

The new rig has a number of under-the-hood improvements to make animating much easier going forward. It will also support some of the apparel-related features we’ll be working on in the next few days, look forward to a showcase soon.

We’ve also laid the ground work for the base building part of the game. You can now place structures and furnishings to give your survivors four walls to call their own:

Beyond that we’ve made a number of under-the-hood fixes and improvements. They’re not as flashy as new models and mechanics, but important nevertheless.

Until next time, stay safe and keep surviving.