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Hi, thanks for taking an interest in our game! Below we’ve compiled all the important facts and some key media for your perusal. If you need additional information or would like something provided in a different format let us know and we’ll make it available.

Fact Sheet

  • Game Name: Ascent of Ashes
  • Developer: Vivid Storm Interactive
  • Release Date: planned late 2023
  • Price: $19.99 planned early access price
  • Platforms: Windows, MacOS and Linux planned
  • Press Contact:


Combining the deep simulation of classic games like Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld with the tactical challenge of XCOM and Jagged Alliance, the creators of Combat Extended present a fresh take on the Colony Sim genre that emphasizes exploration, tight balance and strategic gameplay.


Stranded on an inhospitable alien world, you will recruit, train, and lead the downtrodden survivors of a cataclysmic conflict. You will explore futuristic ruins on the search for advanced artefacts and life-saving supplies. You’ll face not only other bands of survivors, but stress, disease, the remnants of a space-faring civilization run amok, and even the environment itself in a struggle to uncover the truth about the end of the world as you knew it.

The survivors of Ascent of Ashes are not merely faceless pawns, however. They each possess their own strengths and weaknesses, goals, ambitions, fears and hatreds. In leading your group, you will be faced with difficult decisions: Will you allow a skilled doctor to join, knowing he needs to take care of his sick sister? Take in an experienced hunter despite his obsession with revenge against a powerful bandit lord? Trust a military defector not to betray you at the worst moment?

Do you have what it takes to survive the alien wasteland and uncover the mysteries behind the Ascension Project that spelled doom for the inhabitants of this world?


  • Recruit and manage numerous survivors throughout your journey. Weigh their personal needs against common necessity and deal with interpersonal conflict as each survivor is dynamically generated with their own set of gameplay-impacting talents and quirks.
  • Build your survivors a home to rest and gather themselves. Provide them with workspaces and the creature comforts they need to endure the mental strains of the post-apocalypse. Defend your home from raiders who would take it all away from you.
  • Your colony exists in a dynamic, procedurally generated and fully simulated overworld, filled with other factions, trade caravans and futuristic ruins for you to interact with.
  • Like our previous projects, Ascent of Ashes features a highly detailed, realistic real-time pausable combat system. Success is not determined by character level or the shiniest equipment, but through clever use of cover, suppression and stealth to gain an advantage.
  • A dynamic and challenging AI will react to your every move and present you with new and unexpected challenges to conquer.
  • Vehicles ranging from simple civilian trucks to futuristic battle tanks can be used both on the overworld and in tactical combat to give you an advantage – provided you can handle the logistical strain.
  • A myriad of strange, alien creatures populate the world of Ascent of Ashes. Some pose extreme danger to your group, while others may provide you with exotic resources.
  • Different survivor factions with their own goals and philosophies will compete with you for survival. Befriending them may offer you unique advantages, or draw the ire of their enemies.
  • We like to give back to the communities that supported us – that’s why Ascent of Ashes is built from the ground up with very strong mod support.


Ascent of Ashes - Kickstarter Trailer


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