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Of Men and Ham

Hey guys, it’s been a few weeks since the Kickstarter concluded and time for a progress update. Over the last two weeks we’ve been pretty busy sorting out a bunch of bureaucratic and financial matters following the Kickstarter. If you backed our Kickstarter you may have already received a survey about your rewards as we…
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Basic AI or: How to do *stuff*

As those of you who keep up with our Discord may know, we’ve recently finished the first step towards implementing our AI framework. Good AI (or lack thereof) is one of those things that can make or break a game, yet many games neglect it. Designing a good AI takes a fair amount of thought,…
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AI and you

Hello again, today you’re going to help us lay the foundation for AoA’s survivor and enemy AI, but more on that in a moment. AI is one of those oft-neglected, yet vitally important aspects of video games. Making smart AI that can challenge the player is hard and too often developers skimp out on it…
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