Still Alive

Still Alive

Hello again,

it’s been a while since the last blog post and a number of people have since asked me about progress updates. In previous posts I’ve mentioned that development had been hampered by personal health issues a number of times. Unfortunately, things got significantly worse after that and I had to go into an extended rehab. And since outside of our artist and composer I’m the only member of this development team, progress came to a grinding halt.

To make matters worse, while I initially wanted to hire another coder to fill in for me in my absence using some of my private funds, a lot of them got tied up behind bureaucratic red tape, leaving me little choice but to put AoA development on halt.

Not all is lost, however: both my personal health and financial situation have improved significantly in the last few months and I’m restarting development now. Progress will still be slow for a while, but should pick up again in due time. We’re also going to hire additional team members to fill the gap.* Expect progress reports and a new lore post soon.

*If you’re a programmer with C#/Unity experience and interested in this project, you can send your CV per Email or contact me through our official Discord server.