State of the game 2020

State of the game 2020

Hey everyone,

as some of you have been asking for a new blog post I figure it’s about time to give you a status update on Ascent of Ashes. We’ve been a bit quiet lately due to some health issues eating into my available time. In order to deal with this I decided to cut down on all non-essential projects and dedicate what time and energy I had to actual development. After all, I’m sure you’d all rather have a game to play than hear me post about it.

The good news is I’ve been getting much better lately, so I should be able to dedicate more attention towards keeping you all informed again. The first Early Access release is through the planning stage and if all goes well we’ll have it out by end of Feb/beginning of March. As mentioned in previous posts, we want to leverage Unity’s new multithreaded coding framework for maximum performance (some demos show as much as 100x increased performance compared to the traditional style!). The flip-side is the code is unfamiliar to our programmers, meaning some time had to be spent familiarizing ourselves and planning out the best foundation for the future.

On a similar note, those of you backing us on Patreon were already informed that our concept artist was facing some personal issues of his own. We already have all the concept art needed for the EA release, so it didn’t impact our release schedule, but we did miss some concept art posts as a result. Our artist has gotten better now and posts should resume their weekly schedule starting today. We appreciate your continued support and to thank you, next week’s concept post will be something extra large, so stay tuned!

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