Happy Kickstarter (belatedly)!

Happy Kickstarter (belatedly)!

So as some of you probably already know, we finally launched our Kickstarter this Tuesday. It’s been a lot of work all in all, we’ve had to do a lot of research on marketing strategies, write and rewrite the page itself, prepare screenshots, gifs and concept art, not to mention creating our launch trailer.

But now it’s here and already months of hard work are paying off. In just a few days we’ve already raised almost a quarter of our target. Our Discord likewise has been bustling with activity, with dozens of new members joining every day.

It may therefore seem a bit surprising that for all our preparation and PR work, we completely neglected to post the announcement here on our official webpage. We originally planned to make a separate post on launch day, along with embedding it on our sidebar and reworking our press page.

Unfortunately what started with wanting to add an embed to our WordPress theme soon escalated into a wider redesign of our webpage, something that we’re still in the process of finalizing. Before long we were so absorbed debating the nicest RGB colour for text highlights that we completely forgot to post the actual announcement.

But better late than never, as the saying goes. On a more positive, in addition to making up for our earlier forgetfulness, we can use today’s update to announce our first Kickstarter backer update, where we reveal some of the rewards along with some other things to come.

So check out our Kickstarter page if you haven’t already, and our latest update if you’ve already seen it and are keen for more!