Community Fashion #2

Community Fashion #2

Hey guys,

This week we’re taking a look at another backer-designed outfit and hat submission, courtesy of big-time backer and Discord regular McBlorf.

The Redcoats are coming

The outfit is based partly on a reference from another game, combined with an 18th Century British redcoat. Given that Ascent of Ashes is set in the distant future, we made some adjustments to bring the final outfit in line with the scifi theme, while still keeping true to the original idea McBlorf gave us:

You’ll be able to find these snazzy-looking longcoats on Remnant troops still patrolling Acheron, as well as their dead comrades who fell during the Collapse and whose bodies now litter ruins all across the planet.

Heavy Duty Headwear

In addition to the coat, McBlorf also submitted a hat design for a heavy-duty helmet. This helmet offers excellent facial protection for shock troops planning to storm headlong into enemy positions, though it does so at the cost of visor space and ergonomics.

Equipping your survivors with these when going into direct combat will greatly enhance their survivability, but your scouts will still prefer less constraining options when sneaking around the ruins.

Closing out

That does it for today’s update. We’d like to give special thanks to McBlorf for the extensive support he’s given to this game. If you have cool design ideas of your own, check out our reward store where you can help us add additional features to the game and submit your own designs to be added into the game.

Until next time, stay safe and keep surviving.

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