Community Fashion #5

Community Fashion #5

Hey guys,

It’s time for another backer update! This week’s submission comes from a backer who requested an Altyn helmet made of rock beetle carapaces.

Rock beetles have tough hides and wearing one can certainly protect your noggin from scrapes and bumps, plus they’re easier to get your hands on than proper military helmets. Just don’t expect too much protection, after all it didn’t help the original owner escape from the soup pot either.

There’s something of a misconception on the creator rewards going around: you don’t have to submit a full drawing or design to have your hat included. As in this case, a one-sentence description is all it takes and we’ll figure out the rest for you. So if you’ve been holding off on supporting our project because you don’t want to draw it yourself, head on over to our reward store and let us know what kind of design you’d like to see!

Until next time, stay safe and keep surviving!

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