Community Fashion #12

Community Fashion #12

Hey guys,

this week’s backer requested a full-body robe with inlaid silver circuitry.

This creepy outfit is perfect for running your own bionic chop shop out of a ruined basement. We know things can get rough in this line of work, that’s why we use only the highest quality synthetic blends in our clothing, adding durability and making it extra bloodstain-resistant.

Now all you need are some cybernetic implants to complement all that circuitry. The bionics market has been sagging since the Collapse, but fortunately there’s plenty of second-hand offers you can find across the ruins.

If you want to add some creepy cultist wear of your own to the game, head over to our backer store, where you can submit your designs and help speed up development all in one go!

Until next time, stay safe and keep surviving.